The Drycleaning Institution of Australia's Accreditation Program is currently under development.


DIA, in promoting the “Certified Environmental Drycleaner” (CED) aims to foster exemplary Industry leadership and performance by enhancing members' compliance with environmental regulations and by encouraging their stewardship of the environment.

DIA is committed to helping members understand and meet the regulations and CED accreditation recognises those members who meet the pre-determined standards.



It is proposed a second accreditation level of "Certified Professional Drycleaner" (CPD) will be awarded to DIA professionals who demonstrate a high level of professional expertise, customer service, and consistent quality cleaning. The CPD status will be a marketable recognition that tells customers and potential customers they can trust the business to deliver outstanding service and quality.

It is intended that this accreditation will be earned by members completing an online examination and practical assessments with CDP points being awarded for successful completion of modules (yet to be defined). It is proposed that a CDP points system will operate with points being attributed to workshops and seminars run by DIA and external training authorities.