Vic Workshop - 26 November 2017

9:30am Sunday, 26 November 2017
1:00pm Sunday, 26 November 2017
Penguin Dry Cleaners
221 Bulleen Road
Bulleen, Victoria 3105

Each time we run such events we always try something new, so this time:

  • We will have a mini expo with member suppliers invited to have displays of products.
  • A very experienced John Murphy will share the best ways to handle wedding dresses.
  • Wet cleaning technology has developed amazingly in recent times.  Daniel Hays from Spencer Systems will demonstrate the latest techniques.
  • EGP Energy Solutions show you how to save at least 50% from current electricity bills.
    • No payments by the Drycleaner, costs are built into the savings.
    • A number of interstate drycleaners are using and have signed up for the Solar 
  • ‚ÄčLearn about the new Sensene solvent from Vince Bourke, currently using the solvent at Warrigal.
  • DCCS have  implemented many great ideas specifically designed for drycleaning computer systems.
    • Brian Smith will outline these and other technical innovations.
  • Brian Tonkin (CEO-DIA) will outline 5 essential customer service tips, and review 5 problem garments.
  • The doors open at 9.00am to allow time to chat with friends and the exhibitors. There will be time during lunch also.


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