How do I notify you if I change my email, address, phone, etc.?

Please login to your Member Portal with the details you have been previously provided.  If you forget your password - please read more.  You can update your contact information by logging in to your Member Portal, and then clicking the appropriate section on the left side menu:

Login Details - for you password and email address

Addresses - for your different addresses

business details - for your phone etc


The care label on a jumper indicates hand washable. Can I wash it in a machine on a delicate cycle?

There is some risk involved in using any care process not recommended by the manufacturer. Hand washing involves manual removal of soils with water, detergent and gentle squeezing action. A care label that calls for machine washing, in a delicate or gentle cycle, indicates that the soil can be removed with water, detergent or soap, slow agitation and reduced time in a washing machine.
Hand washing is a restrictive care process that minimizes the abrasion a garment receives in cleaning. If hand-washable garments are machine washed in a gentle cycle, agitation may be further reduced by placing the item in a net bag. Even this procedure is in violation of the care label instruction and places responsibility on the cleaner rather than the manufacturer.

General Questions

I have forgotten my password

Click onto the login screen, follow the instructions below:

  • Select 'Request a new one' next to 'Forgot your password?'
  • Enter your email or login (the one you use to login with) then click 'Email new password'
  • Follow the instructions that are sent to you in the email


What are the different membership classifications?

  1. Full Member, availabe on an annual or monthly plan
  2. Franchise Member - reduced rate being part of a Franchise Company
  3. Laundry Member - available to owners of Laundromats
  4. Associate Member - available to suppliers of product or services to the Drycleaning Industry
  5. Premium Associate Member - Additional benefits and promotion compared with the Associate member
  6. Overseas Member - a non resident business associated with any of the above catagories



When does my membership expire?

Membership to the DIA expires 89 days after the due date of payment

How can I have my username and/or password sent to me?

On the login screen, click the "Forgot your password?" option, enter your email address and submit the form. An email will be sent to you with a one-time link enabling you to login and change your password.  For security reasons this link expires after 24 hours and can only be used once.

How do I renew my membership online?

> Go to your Member Portal

> Check that details are correct

> Select the payment method

> If you choose pay by credit card you will be directed to the payment section, follow the prompts, it's easy

> If you elect for an invoice, the system will generate an invoice which will be emailed 

What are the benefits of membership?

Member benefits are listed at the link:

Member benefits are all aimed to improve net profit for your business. 

We provide the tools support and assistance and work with you to develop business potential. These include:

    Increased sales - DIA directory listing, Customer service training, DIA & DLI decals, Management ideas and Information

    Reduced costs - Energy savings, EFTPOS, Auto, Insurance, 

    Quality - DLI Phone spotting App, Access to DIA and DLI Resources

    Workshops - training on all aspets of operations, networking, National Conference

    Information - DLI Encyclopaedia, IR&HR, Magazines, Newsletters, Regular information 

    Mediation Service - Work with Drycleaners and Public to provide a fair outcome, use of Textile Bulletins

    And much more - a fully staffed office for your support.



Payment Information

How do I order?

Order of product or events can be made by:

> Ordering on line via the DIA website, payment is available by credit card

> Telephone the Office on 03 5908 4921

> Emai to

What Payment Methods do you accept?

Payment can be made by:

> Credit card on line - Visa or Mastercard

> Credit card via Office 03 5908 4921 - Visa, Mastercard or Amex

> Cheque payable to Drycleaning Institute of Australia Ltd

How long will my products take to ship?

Following receipt of payment:

    > Products will be despatched within 48 working hours via Australia Post

    > Generally allow 3-5 working days for delivery

What is your returns policy?

Where the product is defective or an incorrect order supply:

Advise the office 03 5908 4921 or email

   > Return the item 

    > Full refund or replacement product/s


How do I register for an event?

Registration can be :

  1. Where the event is listed on the website simply click on the icon and follow instructions (can pay by credit card)
  2. Phone the office on 03 5908 4921
  3. Reply or send an email to

Do I have to be a DIA member to attend a DIA event?

Depends on the type of events. DIA will welcome non-members to certain events but the registration fee will be higher. There is definitely an advantage in becoming a member.

What methods of payment are available when registering for events?

Payment can be made by:

> Credit card either online or by telephone to the office 03 5908 4921

> Cheque made payable to Drycleaning Institute of Australia Ltd

> Cash on the day - DIA has a portable EFTPOS terminal