Due to the sheer numbers of garments and items processed by Drycleaners issues will arise from time to time and it is not always their fault. Statistics from many thousands of items analysed by an International testing authouity based in the USA show responsibility is generally 1/3 each for the Manufacturer, the Drycleaner and the Consumer.

Australian Standard AS 1957- Textile Care Labelling requires by law the manufacturer attached a care label which designates the cleaning process. If the Drycleaner does not follow those instructions or adopts an unsafe practice which results in damage then then they are liable for resultant compensation. The amount of compensation is determined by the Fair Claims Guide which depreciates the item based on expected life, age and condition.

With the above in mind, if you have tried to resolve the issue with the Drycleaner without an agreeable result, the Drycleaning Institute of Australia offers a free mediation service for the public and DIA members. In Australia there is no State Agency that regulates the industry with respect to complaints.

To take further action either complete the form below or telephone the DIA office on 1300 134 511. Alternatively you can email info@drycleanersweb.com.au with a description of the problem and to assist with further investigation attach photos of the garment/issue together with a picture of the care label and material composition of the item. Where the Drycleaner is not a member we can offer general advice only. It is always preferable to resolve the matter directly with the Drycleaner where possible but this service is provided to support all parties. To check if the Drycleaner involved is a member click on "Find a Drycleaner" in the side column and enter your postcode, it also highlights DIA members.

Other Action:

  • When the ACCC can help (www.accc.gov.au)  The ACCC can give you information about your consumer rights and obligations and suggest possible courses of action you might take.
  • Contact the Consumer Protection Agency in your state or territory (sometimes called ‘consumer affairs’ or the Fair Claims Tribunal). They can provide you with information about your rights and options. They may also be able to conciliate (negotiate) between you and the Drycleaner to reach a resolution. Generally they will refer you to the DIA as part of our mediation service.

There is reference materials listed below which may assist.












Submit your enquiry to the Drycleaning Institute of Australia (DIA)