There may be a number of reasons why a member of the public would complain about an issue with a drycleaner. These could be;
  • Poor quality
  • Inadequate repair work
  • Delays in return of item
  • Incompetent or discourteous staff
  • Billing errors
  • Deceptive or misleading advertising
  • False representation by staff
Should you be faced with any of the above or other problem with your drycleaning and the drycleaner is not responding to your requests for remediation, you should ring the local drycleaning office in your state on 1300 134 511.
The Drycleaning Institute of Australia Ltd will assist in resolving complaints against its members.
Please provide all relevant information to the DIA office for a faster and more complete investigation to be undertaken.
If a problem has arisen at the drycleaners, it is not always the drycleaners fault. There may be a problem with the fabric, incorrect care labeling, or it may be due to consumer caused action of spills or aged stains. Discussing the matter with your drycleaner will help to identify any potential risks and outcomes.