Response to erroneous and factually incorrect claims about drycleaning of woollen suits and stain removal on woollen suits

The DIA has today written to Woolmark Australia in response to claims made by them on their website that drycleaning harms woollen suits and incorrect advice on stain removal tips for woollen suits.

The DIA is the peak industry association representing drycleaning businesses in Australia and it is our assertion that Woolmark Australia, as the custodian of the wool industry in Australia, have a charter to assist woolgrowers, brands and supply chains with responsible guidance, quality and authenticity and in this instance they have failed to do so. 

Whilst the information they recommended on suit use, storage and alternative wearing is commendable the information regarding stain removal is erroneous and offensive.  Customers following this guidance are at high risk of damaging their suits further.

The DIA have invited Woolmark Australia to speak with us on this issue.

The DIA office can be contacted on (03) 5908 4321 if any member would like to contact us to discuss our approach further.

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