At Australia’s most diverse dye service we undertake to colour your textile items – both clothing & homewares – with care & caution

Just ‘looking at an item’ does not tell us a great deal about it’s history. Even with our 15 years experience, we cannot always predict the final colour result after dyeing. How much of the ‘dye recipe’ your article accepts is governed by the fabric’s manufacture.

The construction of the item is another factor. Are the fabric’s seams overlocked and if not, will the fabric fray during processing?

Risks vary greatly when dyeing ready-made items & the final result is not always predictable. The spirit of this communication offers general information as a Guide & asks that you clarify where possible any queries you may have with our Consultant. Our colour processes overdye the original base colour which combines to give your final colour result.

Our Promise:
At Cullachange we undertake to do all we can toward the best achievable result. Taking into account the variables and risks in dyeing readymade items, we offer to reprocess at no extra cost if we believe a better result can be achieved or at your request.