COVID-19 - DLI series of training videos

The following videos were released by the DLI during the COVID-19 pandemic and are designed to help train your staff using an online environment:

* Diversification

Routes are More Important Than Ever with James Peuster

Wash-Dry-Fold Part 1 Webinar

Wash-Dry-Fold Part 2 Webinar

* Maintenance

Drycleaning Machine Maintenance with Bill Hay

Proper Maintenance:  The Key to Productivity and Efficiency with Jerry Moore

* Social Media

Branding and Marketing Your Business During the Pandemic

Facebook Marketing Basics

* Stain Removal

DLI Live:  Stain Removal Basics

DLI Live:  Removing Tannin Stains (Coffee, Wine, Cocktails) Stains

DLI Live:  Removing Mustard and Curry Stains

DLI Live:  Removing Protein Stains

DLI Live:  Removing Combination Stains (Ink & Lipstick)

DLI Live:  Removing Nail Polish Stains

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