All employees and employers in businesses in Australia are covered by a national workplace relations system, established by the Fair Work Act 2009.

This has simplified the administration of Industrial Awards as all employers and employees in the national system have the same workplace rights and obligations, regardless of the state they work in.

Features of the national workplace relations system include:

·       a set of 10 minimum National Employment Standards (NES)

·       modern awards that apply nationally for specific industries and occupations

·       a national minimum wage order (where it applies)

·       enterprise bargaining, and

·       protection from unfair dismissal.

Modern awards, together with the NES and the national minimum wage order, make up a safety net for employees covered by the national workplace relations system.

For further information on NES view Webinar

FACT SHEETS ON THE NATIONAL EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS (NES) are included in the RH column and can be downloaded.


Award Rates Drycleaning                 Award Rates Laundry                   Award Rates Transport                   Award Rates Clerical

2018 Drycleaning                                2018 Laundry                                   2018 Transport                                   2018 Clerical

2017 Drycleaning                                2017                                                  2017                                                    2017

2016 Drycleaning                                2016                                                  2016                                                    2016    

2015 Drycleaning                                2015                                                  2015                                                     2015

2014 Drycleaning                                2014                                                  2014                                                     2014

2013 Drycleaning                                2013                                                  2013                                                     2013


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