By becoming a member it allows you access to a range of tools and solutions. Members have a unique member portal that is a centralised hub for all their communications and association needs.

The benefits of the member portal is so they can keep track of events, purchased resources, change details, view relevant news articles and even keep track of any question and answers just to name a few.

Running a sucessful drycleaning business takes skill and dedication.

But just as importantly, it also takes knowledge...knowing your customers...knowing the  machinery...knowing legal requirements...knowing where to find the answers to tough questions.

As a DIA Member, you’ll have the resources, information, and benefits that will help you  operate more efficiently, prevent mistakes, increase your profits, and make your business grow. DIA will work with you every step of the way!

First, you will receive your DIA Membership Pack.  It will familiarize you with all the benefits  of affiliation and resources at your disposal.  You will also receive your professional affiliation decal—which promotes your dedication to professionalism to your customers.  Then, every month you will receive timely information that you need on plant production, customer relations, advertising and marketing, training, new regulations, problem garment alerts and more.  Plus you’ll have the added advantage of a hotline number to call for your individual questions.  See below for a list of key DIA affiliation benefits and resources.

These are some of the key benefits of professional DIA Membership:

  • Fortnightly eBulletin Newsletter and Problem Garment Alerts
  • Member only Hotline Phone service for IR and WHS issues
  • Free Promotion of your business through DIA’s Website
  • Complaints Mediation Service
  • National Conventions and Trade Shows
  • State Training Seminars and Hands-On Workshops
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Consumer and Public Relations Information
  • Education and Training Materials
  • International Membership of the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI) including Fabricare Magazine and Online Member Access the DLI Website.
  • IR Award updates including affiliation with AFEI (Australian Federation of Employers & Industries)
  • Industry Awards and Accreditation Programs (Certified Environmental Drycleaner; Certified Professional Drycleaner)
  • Member Benefit Schemes (Insurance; Banking eftpos rates)
  • Representation before the Federal and State Governments on all industry related matters.

There are numerous types of membership plans each designed to benefit the individuals specific needs.