The Drycleaning Institute of Australia's (DIA) primary focus is a committment to excellence from both member and DIA viewpoints. We aim to improve your profitability by increasing sales, reducing costs plus giving you knowledge and support to improve the way you manage your business.

  • The DIA has generaly a higher standard of  drycleaner. We represent 30% of Australian businesses who clean over 70% of the volume of garments cleaned.
  • We have access to the fantastic range of DLI-(USA) resources all available on your phone. Normally the cost of DLI membership is A$700.00 but is included as part of your DIA membership.
  • DLI phone Apps include
    • Garment Analysis Report - US$24.00 with a report within 48 working hours, all over the phone, no posting of garments.
    • Over 150 Textile Analysis Bulletins (TAB's), ideal for resolving customer garment problems where the drycleaner is generally guility until proven innocent.
    • Step by step process of stain removal for a wide range of stains and fabrics.
    • Complete encyclopeadia of knowledge on your phone on almost every topic relating to drycleaning and customer service.
  • The DIA website helps direct new customers to your store, and provides wealth of  business resources.
  • There are many benefits for Drycleaners (refer benefits page) but to gain maximum benefit for your business you need to use the tools provided and manage your business. The results are proportional to the efforts applied to your business.
  • At the time of writing unfortunately 3% of Australian Drycleaners shut down their business per year (approximately 35 per year). Not one of these businesses was a DIA member.

We wish you the very best as part of  our Drycleaning industry.

Brian Tonkin CEO