The Drycleaning Institute of Australia Limited (DIA) is the premier industry association for drycleaners in Australia and our members have all the latest information on fabric care standards, environmental issues and are fully trained in new products.

For you, that means our members will take care of your garments and answer any concerns you may have about your drycleaning.  Search for a member near you and find out what items they can dryclean for you, from clothing, to bedding, to pillows and cushions.  Many of our members also offer to do washing or ironing, and even some have alteration services.

Why would you Choose to Dryclean?

  1. Drycleaning is Better For Your Clothing
  2. Your clothes last longer
  3. Drycleaning is convenient and inexpensive
  4. Drycleaning avoids shrinkage

Read more about our history and the benefits of drycleaning or find a Drycleaner near you