Stains - How You Can Help

• Stains and soil left too long on fabrics can be impossible to remove. Studies by the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute show that after aging for only one week, 20% of stains cannot be removed satisfactorily. After three weeks, this increases to 47%. If staining occurs, take it to your cleaner as soon as possible.

• Don’t iron stained or soiled clothes. Heat is another factor that makes stains more difficult to remove.

• Please point out spills such as those from white wine, fruit juices, soft drinks, or other stains that may not be visible when you bring in your cleaning. These invisible stains require special attention by us in order to prevent them from permanently discolouring your item.

• Perspiration can cause dyes in fabrics to change colour so, if possible, protect your garments from excessive contact with perspiration.

• Always allow lotions, antiperspirants, perfume, and other toiletries to dry before you get dressed. These products can contain ingredients that cause colour loss or damage to your garments.

• Protect your garments from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial lights. This too can affect the colour in your clothes.

• Before putting clothes away for storage, have them cleaned to remove stains first. This prevents insects from causing holes in the fabric and stains from ageing and discolouring.

• Clean all matching pieces together as colour variances will occur if all pieces are not cleaned at the same time.