Premium Associate Members

Spencer Systems

Spencer Systems has a strong history of specialist servicing to dry cleaning and laundry equipment. Combined with this is an extensive range of spare parts, and a comprehensive range of equipment and consumables.

SoftWash by Alliance Laundry CE S.R.O

SoftWash is the new alternative to dry cleaning, now available from Alliance Laundry Systems.  SoftWash by Primus is a dry-to-dry wet cleaning process that has been developed and tested in Europe over the past 10 years.  It is an environmentally friendly, water based garment care system that has gone through extensive testing with all fabric types to ensure it is state of the art and a level above traditional wet cleaning.  It cleans 100% of garments, 100% of the time, including silk, leather jackets, household textiles, furniture coverings and fire-proof garments.

National Associate Members


BioGone™ is a product range developed by FieldTech Solutions, a company formed by eco-conscious people Ross & Ramona Headifen and John Mancarella, who have been supplying environmental equipment for more than 20 years to the groundwater, and contaminated land related industries in Australia.

Commercial Dry Cleaning Solutions

Formerly know as BHM (Brisbane Hanger Manufacturing Co), Commercial Dry Cleaning Solutions (COMDCS) is a second-generation family business launched in 1977. From our base in Mansfield, Queensland, we supply quality equipment, servicing and consumables for a large network of commercial dry cleaner clients nationwide.

For two decades under the BHM banner, our business exclusively manufactured and sold high-quality metal hangers to dry-cleaners and large retailers. Now we focus on dry-cleaning exclusively. Manufacturing has been replaced by the highest quality consumables, leading brands of detergents and chemicals, and hand-selected machinery.

Culla Change

At Cullachange we undertake to do all we can toward the best achievable result. Taking into account the variables and risks in dyeing readymade items, we offer to reprocess at no extra cost if we believe a better result can be achieved or at your request.

DCCS Australia Pty Ltd

DCCS Australia Pty Ltd

100% Australian owned and servicing the most successful drycleaning businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

All research and development is done in our Australian office with weekly online documentation provided detailing improvements.

We listen to the needs of our customer base and bring total solutions to their store fronts.

We provide a state of the art Point of Sale system which integrates with Xero accounting, SmartPay EFTPOS payment terminals, conveyor systems and automatic assembly, bagging and storage, 24/7 door systems and locker management.

Monthly software automatic updates keep you on the leading edge of what technology is available to your store.

Online video manual/tutorials. 

Online suppliers ordering, tutorial newsletters and scheduled automatic marketing via SMS or email for New, Lost, Best and all customers.

Call us on 1300 877 234 to discuss your needs or click to arrange an online demo.

Dry-Tech Drycleaning & Laundry Sales & Service

Dry-Tech Drycleaning & Laundry Sales & Service provide new and used equipment, together with installation and maintenance services


Filterfab is part of the Andrews Group of companies which was founded in 1894. For more than 100 years the core aim of the company remains committed to the research, development and manufacture of industrial textiles for the laundry and associated industries. We are the Worlds oldest laundry felt manufacturer. Filterfab covers the whole of Australia and New Zealand and has recently expanded into providing a unique number of healthcare products.

Girbau - Innovative Laundry Solutions

GIRBAU is a multinational corporation that has cemented its position as one of the global leading groups in the manufacture of innovative solutions for the world of laundry, based on an industrial product and on a global market. Girbau's goal is to create maximum value for its customers, supporting them in their professional growth and adapting to the territories where it works.

The GIRBAU community supplies simple, dependable solutions that offer its clients profitability and innovation.

Specialisation: Four business units

  • Comercial: for small and medium-sized in-house laundries (hotels, old people's homes, clinics, gyms and so on).
  • Vended: for self-service laundries with the shared goal of creating profitable businesses for owners and pleasant places for users.
  • Industrial: aimed at high-volume industrial laundries for which Girbau provides the best possible equipment, rational linen circulation flows, automation of processes, minimum energy consumption and care for the environment.
  • Serveis: Girbau does not sell machines. It sells solutions. This division's work ranges from the traditional essential role, such as after-sales services, to ground-breaking new services (finance, online service, support and training, etc.).

GreenEarth Cleaning Australasia

For decades, customers and dry cleaners had no real choice but to clean clothes in harsh, petrochemical solvents with known health and environmental risks. GreenEarth is an environmentally safe dry cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based (organic) solvents with liquid silicone, a gentle solution made from one of the earth's safest and most abundant natural resources: silica, or sand.

Hongfa International

The Hongfa International Group is a privately owned company, making high quality Zippers and Sliders and being one of the first companies to be accredited the ISO-9000-2000 Quality management standards system. The Group was established in 1978 in Taiwan with the sole desire to supply premium quality products at competitive prices driven by Owner/President Mr Chien Hua Lee who’s Motto of “Innovation, Discipline, Quality, Efficiency and total customer satisfaction.” Our General Manager Mr Jimmy Li a leader of Textiles and ability to make, source and develop any product for textile market.

LDCT Laundry Dry Cleaning Training

"Our aim is to provide the highest levels of industry knowledge to those undertaking our training. Not just by helping them in achieving their goals, but also by helping them to learn more of their place in their chosen industry. Empowering them through life experiences with the understanding and knowledge of their skills for themselves. Providing a level of teaching and enjoyment that recognizes these skill levels and to elevate their status in the workplace and community."

Laundry Point

Laundry Point

Run by drycleaners for dry cleaners, Laundry Point is more than just an agency.  We understand how hard dry cleaners work and how hard it is to make money.  That's why we pay an incredible 77% commission to our dry-cleaning partners.  We generate endless growth through our marketing arm and even supply the tech to help manage it.  Perhaps best of all, we guarantee payment on every order just two working days after delivery.  No chasing payments, ever.

Just better business.

Richard Jay Laundry Equipment

Richard Jay was founded in 1969 and has a long and successful history of supplying the commercial and industrial equipment field with Washers, Dryers and other commercial laundry equipment to suit the commercial marketplace.

The industry has changed significantly over the past 4 decades and Richard Jay has evolved with the market and kept ahead of the field by providing the largest variety of quality products with the highest level of customer service ensuring customer satisfaction is a priority along the way. All this and still 100% Australian owned and operated, keeping Australian jobs for Australians!

Tulloch Australia

The company was founded by Charles Tulloch way back in 1920 to manufacture and supply liquid soaps and disinfectants throughout the Sydney area. At the onset of the Second World War he returned to his native England leaving the business in the care of Raymond and Dorothy Naylor. They ran the company until the early 1960’s when it was taken over by their son, Noel Naylor.

Universal Drycleaning Solutions

Since the late 90's UDS PTY LTD (UNIVERSAL DRY CLEANING SOLUTIONS) has been a leader in the dry-cleaning & laundry industry with offices both in Sydney and Melbourne. Our mission is to provide reliable equipment, quality technical support, and fast-delivery of consumable & parts in order for our customers to succeed. We serve companies both big and small, domestically and nationally. Existing owners of, and entrepreneurs entering, dry-cleaning and coin-operated laundry businesses are our customers. Executives and plant engineers of major hotels and commercial laundries also come to us for sales and service. Regardless of the demands of our customers, we are committed to satisfying them.

State Associate Members

Branwin Industries

Phone: (02) 9624 8085, Address: 102 Station Rd, Seven Hills, NSW 2147. Branwin Industries Pty Ltd- Soap and Other Detergents for Seven Hills, NSW.

Peega Chemicals

Peega Chemicals Pty Ltd. Peega Chemicals is a Leading Supplier of Cleaning Chemicals & Detergents to Commercial & Industrial Laundries, Launderettes, Aged care Facilities, Dry Cleaners & Homes in Australia. Read Peega Company Profile · dry cleaning products · laundry products · home cleaning products ...

R&S Stevens Maintenance

Robert Stevens has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Drycleaning Industry as a drycleaners and now machine maintenance and installations

He provides a very valuable service and is in high demand within the industry

Sunshine State Insurance Brokers

The Sunshine State Insurance Brokers team has experience in a range of insurance products and specialises in tailoring insurance programs that are cost effective and meet your business requirements. We offer a service that is mobile and can be delivered on ground where required.

Sunshine State Insurance Brokers have a strong tradition of working closely with our clients’ core business partners, including company directors, accountants and financial advisors. Our personalised and professional services are backed by a highly skilled team focused on helping you achieve piece of mind and financial security.

Our broad industry experience provides our clients with access to extensive insurance programs and specialist resources, specifically designed to secure our clients access to quality insurance products and the most competitive prices in the market.

SMRT Systems

SMRT Systems is a workflow management platform designed by dry cleaners, for dry cleaners. Our customers are located across the United States, and we are proudly located in San Francisco, CA, Malmö, Sweden, and The North Carolina Triangle.

The Hangerman

Stephen Gutteridge

Ph: 0414 515 695


4/5 Keele Place

Kidman Park, SA 5025