Dia Complaints Handling Process

There has been an increase in the number of complaints being handlded by the DIA office and we are looking at ways to streamline the process.  

Many of the complaints that we handle come in from members of the public who have used a DIA member.  Often the drycleaner involved may feel that they have solved the customer complaint but this is not the case and the customer comes directly to us.  Going forward if we receive a complaint from a customer of a DIA member then we will not proceed in dealing with the matter any further until the drycleaner has been contacted and they have given us their agreement that the DIA office can be involved.

When a complaint comes in an:

* Email will be sent to the drycleaner to whom the complaint relates and we will wait two days

* If we haven't heard back from you after two days then we will try calling you on the shop phone and/or mobile

If we can't reach you by phone or email then we will advise the customer that we cannot assist them and that they should go back to the drycleaner or contact Consumer Affairs/Fair Trading in their state or territory.

If you would like us to help mediate the complaint then we ask you to respond to our phonecalls and emails in a timely manner.  

We will be further refining our complaints process going forward but the above will take effect from today.