New Dia Membership Tiers

For the past few months, the Drycleaning Institute of Australia (DIA) Board and CEO have been undertaking a review of the current DIA membership structure.  The membership structure is vital to the long term relevance and sustainability of the DIA.

The current membership offering has been in place for nearly 10 years and while it has provided amazing benefits to members in that time, it is now time to look at something new.  Life post-pandemic has changed, especially with small business, and the needs of the different DIA members.  The two areas with the most change for our members are in the area of IR/HR and technical support.

The membership structure will move from a one size fits all approach to a more bespoke one. 

Rest assured that you can still access all your current member benefits with the only changes being a cap on the number of technical questions that can be accessed each 12 months and limited IR/HR support.  You can still pay for a Level 1 membership plus as many stores up to 6 stores.

If you would like more IR/HR support and technical support, then there are two new membership tiers that you can access.

See below for an outline of the new membership tiers

We understand that you may have questions so please do not hesitate to contact Catherine, Kimberley, or any Board member (see below) for further information.

A member zoom will be held shortly to explain the rationale behind the new structure even further.