Ron Chowanetz Finance - how we work behind the scenes for you

Asset management is essential for businesses hoping to maximise the value of their assets throughout the various stages of the assets’ lifespan. The process helps ensure that organisations reduce unused assets, reduce redundancy, maintain existing assets, and purchase new ones to boost operations and profits. 

The Benefits Of Working With Us 

Money Resources is the go-between between clients and funders. We help businesses like yours achieve this goal by improving your bottom line, streamlining processes and reducing risk. The driver behind our service delivery is what goes on behind the scenes: The hours spent securing the most profitable and efficient financial solution. We do this to help you ensure the prevention of the following: 

  1. Loss & theft 
  2. Resource optimisation 
  3. Accurate forecasting
  4. Compliance surety 

Our product selection aims to support organisations in numerous ways. Whatever your business requires to reach success, our team provides a solution. We designed our business asset management products to offer ongoing support to meet all client needs. While we don’t make the decisions for you, we will go to bat for you to ensure you get the best finance options for your ultimate success.  

Our Products 

As a business owner, ensuring your assets are securely financed and managed will save you a few headaches later on. 

For example, a property mortgage is a viable move for business owners who have found the perfect space to operate from but don’t have the means to purchase it in one fell swoop. This option promises stability, lower financing costs and fixed overheads. 

Our chattel mortgage provides funds to purchase assets and that mortgage is accepted as security for the credit. This choice is ideal for business owners and operators who utilise equipment and require stable car and equipment finance.

Lastly, our Insurance Premium Funding helps you avoid paying all your insurance premiums in a hefty lump sum, which can be costly and unsustainable if profits are unstable. Using our services, you can group multiple insurance policies and pay every premium in one monthly installment. 

Money Resources makes the process of financing and managing your business assets easy. With the products mentioned above, among an array of other invaluable business financing products, there is something for every organisation to ensure safety and surety.